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CortiX™ was scientifically formulated to deliver comprehensive and superior quality nutritional support for healthy cortisol levels. CortiX™’s advanced formula includes Ashwagandha extract (root), Phosphatidylserine (PS), Bacopa monnieri extract (leaf), Rhodiola rosea extract (root), L-Theanine and Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The CortiX™ formula was designed to promote optimization of cortisol function and homeostasis for effective weight management and stress defense.†Cortisol is a hormone produced by in the human adrenal glands in response to stress. Intra-abdominal adipocytes (fat cells) also produce cortisol and this hormone directly affects fat storage and weight gain. Cortisol influences major energy metabolic pathways from carbohydrates, proteins and fats and also plays a role in regulating electrolyte (salt) balance within the body. Recent scientific evidence suggests high cortisol levels are associated with disruptive food cues in response to stress, overeating and abdominal obesity.

Dawn of A New You Event – March 1st. Free Weight Loss Coaching

Dawn of a new you eventWeight Loss Planning – Exercise Coaching

Don’t miss this event! 

Dawn will be available from 10-3 this Saturday, March 1st to perform body compositions and provide fitness guidance.

See the results of her clients are getting with her expert coaching.


Meet Dawn.  She is Max Muscle’s health, fitness and nutrition guru.  If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or feel better you will want meet Dawn on March 1st. She will be offering free know-how to help you reach your nutritional, fitness and health goals.

There will be special in-store sales going on and free samples this Saturday as well. 

See you at Max Muscle.

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Got Pain? You will want to attend our event!

Pain eventRossiter Demonstration Event on Saturday March 1st

Stretch your pain away with the Rossiter Stretching Method!

Deep tissue pain relief and movement made easy with this highly effective stretching technique

Rossiter stretching will relief:

Migraines/Headaches, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Tennis/Golf Elbow, Neuromas, Carpel Tunnel, Foot Pain, Cramps, Restless Leg Syndrome, Muscle  Tension and Pain,Structural Alignment, Muscle In-Balance, Loss of Flexibility & Range of Motion.

What is Structural Pain:

Structural Pain is the body’s way of communicating to you that it has been Overworked, Stressed, Strained, Weakened, or is out of Alignment and Balance. The result is you feel pain with or without moving the affected area. Untreated this pain can and does spread to other areas as the body compensates.

What causes Structural Pain:

Structural Pain is caused when the connective tissue that surrounds Muscles, bones and joints and gives the body shape shrinks and tightens and the body can no longer move freely without the space it needs.

What is the fix:

The body’s connective tissue is meant to be loose and flexible, with dynamic multi-dimensional stretches combined with deep tissue bodywork the connective tissue can return to normal. This removes the cause of pain, increases flexibility, increases blood circulation removing toxins, helps the body to receive nutrients and full range of motion returns without the pain.

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Emerge, Vitacell and Cleanse and Lean

Weight Lossemergevitacell







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Four quick workouts for the busy season

Are you looking for quick workout ideas for this busy season.  Max Muscle brings you four 20 minute session you can use to keep in shape when you have very little time.

We know it gets hard to focus on your health this time of year but this is the time to think about your goals.  Click below for some workout ideas that only take 20 minutes!

Woman weightA

Weight Loss Your Way

At Max Muscle, we do weight loss your way!

Max Liqui Carn_16

Each of us have different needs when it comes to health and fitness goals.  Some of us are very motivated, hit the gym, take the right supplements and get the desired results.  Others of us need more motivation to get to the gym, to eat right and use supplements.  No matter how you do it, Max Muscle can offer you the best supplements available.

When you walk in Max Muscle, you will be greeted by our knowledgeable and friendly staff dedicated to helping you find the right products.

Why wait?  Head in now to Max Muscle!